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Localytics Advanced Mobile App Analytics


Localytics is the leading analytics and marketing platform for mobile and web apps, providing the tools needed to understand and engage customers. Localytics helps organizations gain data-driven customer insights and then lever that knowledge to create real-time, automated in-app messages to nurture customer loyalty and maximize conversions.

App Analytics. Real-time app analytics that gives you insights into who your customers are, how they were acquired, and their lifetime value. Gather device, location, in-app purchase, app engagement and funnel data for understanding and segmenting your customers. For example, segments or cohorts can be created based on iPhone vs iPad users, new vs. returning users or different funnel behaviors such as abandoned shopping carts.

Marketing and in-app messages. The most engaging messages are delivered at the right time. Use our intuitive message builder to deliver promotions and other marketing messages directly in-app, where the right incentive can make the difference between won or lost conversions. Messages are triggered in real-time by app usage, acting on the same user segments discovered and defined through app analytics. Also extend communication beyond the app through email and push messages.

Easy Integration. Integration is easy, takes just 10 minutes and requires only a few lines of code. A quick integration allows you to start delivering segmented messaging campaigns to your customers based on standard metrics such as platform, device type, session details, and rich activity details Support for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows and HTML5 apps.