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EyeQuant Instant Eye Tracking


EyeQuant is an A.I. neuromarketing software that instantly predicts how users will see your emails. Developed, patented and scientifically validated at California Institute of Technology, EyeQuant is used by hundreds of businesses worldwide to optimize design impact, including Google, Groupon and Spotify. EyeQuant's HubExchange app enables you to:

  • Instantly test how users will look at your emails in the important first 3 seconds
  • Immediately understand which parts of your design aren't eye-catching enough
  • Optimize Click-Through-Rates by improving your call-to-action's visual impact
  • Get 90% of the accuracy of a real eye-tracking study at less than 1% of the cost

Your emails have less than 3 seconds to convince users - make them count with EyeQuant.