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Windsor Circle Retention Automation


Connect Your eCommerce Platform to ExactTarget: Customer Analytics, Segmentation by Purchase History, Retention Automation

Unlock your eCommerce Data for Effective Email Marketing; Analyze your eCommerce Data; and Automate your Retention Marketing. With Windsor Circle, you get better segmentation, personalization, and automation by leveraging your customer, product, and purchase history data so you can increase email ROI and keep more Customers!

Windsor Circle’s Retention Automation Platform provides a single sign-on through ExactTarget HubExchange. Your Windsor Circle dashboard includes over 70 charts, graphs and reports on customer retention metrics. Initial set-up of Windsor Circle includes analysis and integration of historical order data, plus ongoing analysis and integration of your retail data. Windsor Circle imports and updates eCommerce data as custom fields within your ExactTarget account, and helps you to implement incredibly effective one-time and automated email campaigns to increase your customer retention.

We go beyond subscriber syncing offered by other connectors, and give you direct access to purchase history, product information, and behavioral and customer scoring data imported to over 50 custom fields in your ExactTarget account. Clearly named fields, like WC_First_Order_Date and WC_Spend_Actual, with cleaned, uniform data, make it incredibly easy to set up personalized and triggered emails.

Windsor Circle's eCommerce to ExactTarget integration will instantly create and automatically update custom-built segments as new lists directly in ExactTarget, including Best Customers, Churning Customers, Big Tickets, Biggest Spenders, Frequent Buyers, and more!

These lists are constantly updated based in part on automated, ongoing "RFM Analysis", whereby your entire customer list is continually scored by Recency of purchase, Frequency of purchases, and Monetary Value of all purchases. Groups and Lists are clearly named, like WC Biggest Spenders, WC Churning Customers, and WC Most Frequent Buyers.

With absolutely no data exports, number crunching, or spreadsheet manipulation, you'll be able to set up both one-time segmented emails, plus a wide range of automated email campaigns to target the right customers, at the right time, with the right message - and even be able to include merge tags that personalize emails with recently purchased product information, images of related items, and more!

Windsor Circle brings valuable product data from recent orders into your ExactTarget account, including product SKUs, names, descriptions, image links and product URLs. The platform also calculates and imports similar data for related products, making it possible to implement a one-to-one recommendation engine and triggered product-related emails.

A Windsor Circle subscription includes set-up of 5 initial automated retention marketing emails to help you boost both retention and revenue immediately. Our team provides initial design templates, which clients review, edit, and approve before implementation. We help every client implement around the 9 Pillars of Retention Automation, a customer retention & lifecycle based marketing program which includes Welcome Series, Loyalty Rewards, Review Requests, Win-Back Campaigns, and more.

Our Analytics software arms retailers with the data and reports they need to make smart decisions. Windsor Circle conducts rigorous historical analysis on eCommerce data to quickly identify customer trends, cohort patterns, and industry benchmarks. Your Windsor Circle account gets you over 70 charts, graphs and reports, including Lifetime Value by Number of Purchases, Median and Average Days Between Purchases, Coupon Value and Use Over Time, Average Order Value by Segment, and more. We help you turn observations into action so that you can double your repeat buyers!

Windsor Circle supports ExactTarget data extensions, allowing retailers to import and update an unlimited number of data feeds (either through batch process or API). This gives you access to a wider range of customer, subscriber, product, order, and other data, which can be used to build segments or trigger emails based on inclusive or exclusive criteria from these data sources. Relational tables allow retailers to customize messages with truly one-to-one driven content that is not easily stored in regular subscriber attribute fields. In addition to driving highly engaging content, ExactTarget invests significantly to ensure that import and data management speeds are the fastest in the industry allowing companies to capitalize on small window selling opportunities. Contact our team to discover whether the use of relational tables is right for you.

Our subscription software is priced to ensure that you see fantastic ROI for your data-enabled email. Windsor Circle clients grew their number of Repeat Buyers by 46% from in 2012. These Repeat Buyers represented 31% of total customers, but contributed 55% of revenue.

We promise complete installation within 3 business days, meaning that your eCommerce data will be loaded and accessible in ExactTarget, or you get 30 days of free subscription.