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ReadyTalk Audio and Web Conferencing


Do webinars play a key role in your demand generation efforts? Save time and drive better results with ReadyTalk. Our easy-to-use webinar solution seamlessly integrates with ExactTarget so you can send emails, capture registrations, manage activities, and report on key metrics right from the Interactive Marketing Hub.

  • Save time by instantly creating ExactTarget webinar invitations, confirmation, reminder, and follow-up emails plus webinar registration pages using your templates or ours
  • Take advantage of ExactTarget’s customizability, deliverability, and reporting capabilities when you send all event-related emails from ExactTarget
  • Drive higher attendance rates when you include an ICS file with all of the information people need to join the event (including their unique Join Meeting link) in confirmation and reminder emails sent from ExactTarget
  • Avoid tedious, manual processes by automatically capturing webinar registration and attendance data in ExactTarget
  • Increase conversion rates by sending timely post-event emails to attendees and no-shows immediately after the webinar
  • Keep track of webinar activities and view key metrics for your event in ExactTarget’s Interactive Marketing Hub